When I decided to form Alpha Tango Marketing, I had a full time job selling radio and digital display advertising. We could also sell email marketing, social media advertising, SEO and SEM. My main job was to sell radio to my clients but a lot of them were already doing their digital media with one guy, their website was managed by another guy, social media was handled in-house by a staff member, and SEO/SEM was being taken care of by yet another elusive “guy.”

With all of these separate people handling a different slice of the marketing pie as you can imagine there are as many opinions about what is best and what works best and what delivers guaranteed results, yada yada. What a discombobulated pile of confusion that usually equates to chaos and untrackable results. The overall goal for the business is lift, but with individuals guarding their piece of the marketing pie, they all end up defending their position therefore causing frustration for the business owner.

My goal with Alpha Tango Marketing is to take the chaos out of the picture and help the business owner do what he does best, and that is to focus on his business so that I can do my job of focusing on his business through another lens. I couldn’t do that as a full-time radio exec, and I only had so much control over what the other members of the marketing team were doing.

I really feel like we are doing good work for good people who deserve to get a good return on their investment so they can continue to have a thriving business. Because that’s why we are all in business anyway – to thrive.